Nextcloud manage users: error message

Error Message in Nextcloud User app:

“An error occurred during the request. Unable to proceed.”

So no user is displayed and i cant change anything. Maybe a problem with syncloud user-app??
(i installed matrix-app and have to create (identical) users in syncloud-users-app)

Only security-warning in nextcloud:
"It seems like you are running a 32-bit PHP version. Nextcloud 26 and higher require 64-bit. Please upgrade your OS and PHP to 64-bit! For further details read the documentation page about this :arrow_upper_right:.

When you say identical did you actually create them in Nextcloud and in Syncloud Users?
If yes that is wrong, you need to create users only in Syncloud Users and they will appear in Nextcloud automatically.

Feel free to start again by removing nextcloud and installing if you cannot get it back working.

php32 warning what device are you on and what image are you using?
Nextcloud 32 bit support is going away so you better move to 64bit and get another device if current one is 32b.

I don’thave nor use USERS app, I create new users on Nextcloud admin. Is that procedure wrong?

The preferred way is to create users in Syncloud Users app from the store.

I remove user- and matrix-app from syncloud and reinstalled nextcloud and load backup. Error is still there. So it is not a problem with user-app (?)

Hint: originally i created users in nextcloud and not with user app. When I install user-app i don’t see nextcloud-users so I have to create new users in user app to use matrix-app.

So I think, there is a problem to transfer user configurations from nextcloud to syncloud users-app(?)

I installed 64bit version of syncloud on my odroid xu-4 - you remember the last long thread ? :wink:

So I wonder why this message is displayed?

I remove user- and matrix-app from syncloud and reinstalled nextcloud and load backup. Error is still there

If you install fresh nextcloud everything is good?
If you then restore backup you cannot login under any user?

After reinstalling nextcloud and load backup I can login as every user…

So now I reinstalling nextcloud again without restoring backup. I can login as root and go to users. There is now no error and I can see listed users i created in syncloud user app earlier although I have no user syncloud app (or matrix) installed. In nextcloud users i can’t delete them.
Now i do the following: i install user app, delete this user’s and now in nextcloud i can delete them. Now there is only root user listed in syncloud and nextcloud user app.
Now i restore nextcloud backup. Everything works but i can’t see users listed because the same error message is coming.

What can I do?

Where exactly do you see the error in nextcloud, only on users page?
Can you send logs right after seeing this error?

Yes only on users page.
I sent you logs.

Strange this error again

16T19:25:50+00:00",“remoteAddr”:“”,“user”:“root”,“app”:“no app in context”,“method”:“GET”,“url”:“/ocs/v2.php/cloud/users/details?offset=0&limit=25&search=”,“message”:"{"Exception":"Exception","Message":"Cannot assign float to property OC\\Files\\Storage\\Wrapper\\Quota::$quota of type ?int in file ‘/snap/nextcloud/676/nextcloud/lib/private/Files/Storage/Wrapper/Quota.php’ line

Int issues are usually because of 32 bit.

Also it says you are on 32bit image still:

uname -a
Linux syncloud 4.14.141-169 #1 SMP PREEMPT Sat Aug 31 23:19:59 -03 2019 armv7l GNU/Linux

Which image url did you install on this device?

I use the image you given me in Dez. 22 in last thread “system change to arm64”

Really sorry not sure what I was thinking, XU4 is 32bit device nothing you can do I have probably confised it with H4 or something.

Are you on XU4 board?

Yes Odroid XU4 - so change to 64bit is not possible?

Correct, unfortunately that is the case :frowning:

Ok, so i have to think about a change to another system - maybe. But back to the user error problem - what to do?

Ok, there are few commands you can try after restoring nextcloud backup

Show all Nextcloud users:

snap run nextcloud.occ user:list

Show Nextcloud uses not from Syncloud Users (LDAP):

snap run nextcloud.occ ldap:show-remnants

Then you will need to create remnant users in Syncloud Users app (with the same username) and probably remove them from Nextcloud (using occ) so they are automatically recreated as soon as you try to login with their usernames to Nextcloud next time. This way they will be properly connected to Syncloud Users and probably Nextcloud Users start working again.

To delete user from Nexcloud:

snap run nextcloud.occ user:delete [username]

ok, i understand … but there is a little problem: nextcloud user names are beginning with an upper case. when i want to create a username with upper case in user-app, there comes message " * The account identifier (Username) is invalid." apparently because of this … what now?

Are they starting with upper case in user:list output?
Also is it the same on filesystem /data/nextcloud/files?

If on filesystem they are actually all lowercase then ldap user will automatically see the files (after occ scan)