Adding users syntax error

When adding users I’m getting a syntax error 0, requests email but no emails work and I get another syntax error

Im curious if I would need to create a new syncloud account for a second user for them to get their own

Would it be possible to have 2 syncloud accounts using one odroid xu4 + 2 seperate terabytes or would I have to create a user under my account?

You do not have to create separate accounts at they are ane account per device/dns name.

On a device you can create as many users as your resourcess allow using Users app. Can you post a picture of the error? Also ado you have any uodate available on Users app page?

All device share the disk storage by default. Apps can do their own restrictions, for example Nextcloud supports disk quotas if I am not wrong.

Continuously receiving “invalid credentials” even after several password changes. Adding a user finally worked in a seperate browser though.

Do you still need help?

Yes I was able to add a user now but am unable to get any credentials to work

Are you on latest platform version?
Can you update from Settings - Updates?

Up to date, I was able to login to nextcloud though, I think the issue was trying to hvae other user download and log into syncloud not just the apps