OK to host other resources on the same linux box as syncloud?

Hi , Im loving Syncloud …THANK YOU Boris for the COLLOSSAL input you have made answering questions I have searched on this forum, git hub plus here there and everywhere else!

Is it intended to set up syncloud and just stick to the web interface or is it ok to have local Linux users and install ‘non syncloud’ software on the same box such as; ufw , FailtoBan, ssh public key based login , cron SFTP transfers , bash/vi scripts , and generally carry on faffing about with linux ?

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Technically you can install anything you want but it can break things.

Syncloud is trying to follow maximum independence from OS and between apps. So ideally we package some of these as Syncloud apps or as part of the main platform app.

I it depends on what you want, if you need to try something on linux and you have no other linux apart from Syncloud and you know what you are doing then it is ok.

If your family or business depends on this Syncloud box I would not mess with it.

And of cause if you need something which is not yet available on Syncloud then you have no other option I guess.

I usually install a lot of debugging software on my Syncloud dev boxes and it is kind of ok, but I do not mess with my main production box.