Adding other nice Apps

Here is a list of applications I would like to host, will I be able to install them by my self ? How (docker ? Which os is running ?)
Home Assistant

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Syncloud uses a minimal Debian OS and Snap package format for the apps. Because it is a regular Linux you can do (and break) anything you want.

By the way there are requests on our issue tracker to add most of these apps to Syncloud store and they will be added at some point it is just not enoigh resources. So ideally you help us and everyone by attempting to create a snap package using our porting doc here App porting guide · syncloud/platform Wiki · GitHub

Porting is a process of creating a reproducible Syncloud snap package of an app.
After app is ported we add it to the store and maintain it as needed, usually a simple version change every few weeks or months.

If you want we can try to add one of these apps to Syncloud together so I show you step by step how it works.

Photoprism looks impressive, but needs an LDAP auth to be added (not a big problem). Otherwise should be easy to package as it is written in go language.

Home Assistant would be my choice as I would love to buy smart home tools to test it :slightly_smiling_face:

Obviously choose something which will give you the most fun and satisfaction.

Bitwarden would be fantastic also. But since I’m just getting familiar with Home Assistant that would be great. Since I only have windows machines, does that rule me out from learning this also?

I would say Ubuntu in a VM (Virtual Box?) would be a good solution in this case. Both free :slight_smile:

Found some pre-built Ubuntu VM images. I’ll give it a go.

Hi Boris, do you think/know if it is just as achievable with Plex? I’ve been toiling away trying to get a Plex server running on my Syncloud H with an external hard drive (WD Easystore Desktop). Using Nextcloud and some other tools, I formatted the hard drive then transferred my media library to the hard drive. I can access the files through Nextcloud, but can’t figure out how to point Plex to the library.

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Yes, if you want to package Plex, create a separate thread and I will help you.

By the way Plex is there in the Store now, please test and let us know in the separate thread.
Some info about activation of Plex server here: Plex · syncloud/platform Wiki · GitHub

Home Assistant has just been released, install from app store and let us know.

my suggestion is: Openproject

Openproject has a " Community Edition" you can install for free…

Could you please create a separate thread per app, explaining why do you need it and how do you install it right now.