How can i set up my Syncloud as a Web server for hosting my own Websites?


the questions is:
How can i set up my Syncloud as a Web server for hosting my own Websites?
apache or nginx?

Can someone help my or using the device for this use case?

There is no easy way right now, but there are options:

  1. Try wordpress app to host your content. Access it using wordpress.[domain]

  2. Not very good but ok for experiments. Run your own instance of nginx.

    Config should listen on unix socket file located at /var/snap/[name]/common/web.socket where name is not an existing app and it will be automatically visible under https://[name].[domain] where domain is your device activated domain name. All our apps use nginx to serve files so you could check any of them for config example like this: syncthing/nginx.conf at master · syncloud/syncthing · GitHub

    Certificate problem with this approach is that you will get a browser warning as Let’s Encrypt service we are using at the moment gives a certificate which include only apps in the store (this will be fixed as part of this issue Custom domain name zone amangement · Issue #461 · syncloud/platform · GitHub)

Domain name, not everyone may like their default website to be visible under myapp.[domain] and instead you may want something like www.[domain], that is another request pending implementation Default app · Issue #441 · syncloud/platform · GitHub

You could use nginx from platform and provide your own config.

root@syncloud:~# /snap/platform/current/nginx/sbin/nginx -v     
nginx version: nginx/1.15.12

Thank you for your help!

After considering a lot of options, i decided not to host my websites by myself.

To set up a server still is a lot of work with a normal Debian based system or Debian itself.
Also i got sometimes problems with my router. Often a reset is necessary.

Hardware, Resources, a great network and care about the system by myself is to much to do if i can get cheap web hosting everywhere :slight_smile:

Maybe in the future i will consider it again, but for now i only will use syncloud for my personal data over the web! And for that syncloud is a hell of a good tool!