Installation guidance

Hello all! :slight_smile:
Is there any guidance how to install the Syncloud on my device?
I just bought Odroid H3+ with SSD on M.2.
What I already done is that I put the syncloud image to USB key (with Etcher), booted that USB key on my Odroid and what next? I can login via default data (l:root p:syncloud), but how can I install this distribution on my SSD drive now? How to start installation?


Usually there is no installation as we distribute the whole image to flash to the device.

In your case it is “x64 Syncloud OS [UEFI]” image from Home · syncloud/platform Wiki · GitHub

Syncloud is more OS than an app to deliver a simpler and more stable experience.

Of course there is a docker image but this is more for people who know exactly what they are doing.

Thank you, so I assume that I simply need to flash image directly on my SSD and what next? Is there any guidance for that? :slight_smile: Just connect the OS to internet and login via website?

The link to the wiki I gave you has the instruction below the table of the devices.
All you need to do is open device IP in the browser or use phone app to discovery it.
Web will guide you through the activation process (domain name, login/password …) it is through the web.

Perfectly, thanks!
So I’ll try this way. Last question - as I’m aware, Syncloud is based on Debian - that’s great! If, e.g. I install some additional software, is there any GUI interface installed by default that I can start? Or my newly-installed app will be visible on the website control panel? Or I can use only terminal mode?

When you say gui do you mean deskop or web?
There is no desktop gui as this is more like a home cloud device. Syncloud device main gui is on its web. It gives you domain integration, certificate, external access control, backup …
Also it allows you to install apps from Syncloud store which are all web as well.

Debian is used as a minimal base Linux OS. You could install debian apps on it but most likely you will break something unless you know what you are doing.

Ok, understand now better! :slight_smile:
I’ve installed OS on my device, connected it via ethernet cable to my router, turn device on and I stuck - app from my android cannot find device and I’m thinking where to start first. Is the matter of router ? (I get if from my internet provider). I assume that the router should ‘share’ my device to all others in the WiFi network - Huawei Eg8145V model.

First of all check on your router if you can see this device IP if yes open this IP in your browser

Ha - so the problem is probably in router itself - it’s managed by internet provider and I cannot even login into router website 192.168.x.x :confused: I need to buy some other private router - and nextly I’ll check this again :slight_smile: