Matrix Bridges: An option for Synclouds App Store?

To self-host bridges for Signal, WhatsApp, Telegram for Matrix.
What do you think? These can be self-hosted and we do have the Syncloud servers standing at home which could easily do this. But setting this up on top of Syncloud via CLI seems really complicated and I’d be afraid to break something. Would it be difficult to include those bridges in our app store?

Sure matrix itself is in the plans, if not the next app, I need all these bridges!

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Omg that’s awesome! Thanks a lot.
I know estimates are always hard with IT, but do you thing it will rather be weeks/months/years until bridges work on Syncloud? :slight_smile:

Currently I am trying to add some basic permissions check: App Users | Prevent users (or groups) from adding/removing apps · Issue #659 · syncloud/platform · GitHub

Should not take more than a week, then I guess I will look at matrix Matrix app · Issue #400 · syncloud/platform · GitHub

Not sure how long it may take, usually adding a new app is about 2 to 4 weeks. I know matrix golang version did not have ldap so it may take a bit longe to implement it.

Then bridges have no idea how difficult it is to add them.

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Sorry to ask but if you want to help us Premium is what does it best: Premium · syncloud/platform Wiki · GitHub

Thanks. And no worries, it’s always good giving people a way to help with sth they’re interested in. Unfortunately I’m still a student so no premium right now but I’ll donate again :slight_smile:
This may help with matrix and the bridges: GitHub - beeper/self-host: Learn how to self-host Beeper

Matrix itself is available now in the app store.
Could you help us testing it?

Bridges are not yet available, but as I checked it is not very difficult to add and I am ready to add a few to see how much left for the user to configure and how.
I assume of I add bridges users will still have to add their credentials for each bridge. As I can see there is no bridges web ui to do that so probably it will be a config at first while I hate asking users to edit files.

So would you be able to test a bridge if yes what is your top priority bridge?

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Will test.

I’ve tried 3rd party matrix hosts with bridges ( and the bridges where usually configured inside element (in a chat talking to a specific bridge-bot which would show you the available commands to enter your credentials). So not too much to do for end users.

Signal-Bridge would be great. Guess WhatsApp bridge would be quite useful too. Could test both.
Although after trying for a bit with tchncs I found signal bridge to not be working well, for example no images and sometimes messages aren’t received by the bridge. Don’t know if the error is with the bridge or that host though.

Bridge bot, nice.
WhatsApp sounds great, written in go, perfect for Syncloud, let me try adding this: GitHub - mautrix/whatsapp: A Matrix-WhatsApp puppeting bridge

On thing I do not get it needs a real app running on the phone, will it connect to my phone (they call it puppet I guess)?

yep it will pretend to be a desktop device which will link to your main device (phone). But the phone doesn’t have to be online for the “desktop device” to work and receive messages afterwards.

So far it’s not possible to log in to matrix with my non-admin LDAP account. Creation of new accounts is disabled.
Admin account seems to work alright so far!

Creation of new accounts is disabled.

You need to create users in Syncloud Users app .

Oh, I know. I have an admin and a non-admin account (created through the user app). The latter can’t login to matrix.

Strange, just created a regular user and I was able to login to matrix.

Are you on latest Users app?
Can you create another one and try again just to test?

Got it! Turns out my non-admin account was never created through the user app, but through Nextcloud! It’s been so long that I didn’t even remember this.

I’m afraid to create a new user with the same ID as my Nextcloud-Non-Admin-Account though because it might mess things up for that account, I guess.

Created a completely new user and it works with matrix now. Logging in and texting an old matrix profile of mine seems to work so far! Sending and receiving images looks good.

Boris, you are awesome :smiley:

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Is it possible for users outside of my syncloud network to register themselves on my matrix server on their own, when they are invited by a link?

Nope, see above. Registration is disabled, only Users added via the Users App in Syncloud can login to matrix.

Is it possible for users outside of my syncloud network to register themselves on my matrix server on their own, when they are invited by a link?

Currently not, is it good or bad?

I think it would be nice to have, maybe for communicating with friends. On the other hand it’s not too hard to create a LDAP user for those friends.