Matrix Bridges: An option for Synclouds App Store?

Whatsapp bridge is now part of the matrix so you can get it if you update, but it does not work correctly with dendrite (next gen matrix written in go lang which I use).

You can start the chat with the bit but it will not respond :slight_smile:

@whatsappbot:matrix.[your domain]

Their issue to track is here: bot issues with latest dendrite 路 Issue #2902 路 matrix-org/dendrite 路 GitHub

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With the latest update there is a workaround for whatsappbot, create a public room invite it (two times :)) then make the room private.

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it joins and leaves each time, had to do this i think 4 times


Is it a public room?
Their issue is still open, I am trying to help them getting it fixed, progress unfortunately is slow.

Just pushed an update it should be a bit better but still multiple attempts, repeat this not more than 10 times :slight_smile:

  1. New direct chat
  2. Find whatsappbot@matrix.[your domain] add (you should see WhatsApp logo when finish typing correct bot name)
  3. Wait few secs
  4. Type help and send
  5. If bot leaves start from 1

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With version number the whatsappbot is working ?


It is working but you need to invite it fee times still untill it stays and responds to help nessage once invited will not leave.