Matrix Server Error

Matrix server error after sucessfull install of matrix-app on syncloud device (odroid xu4, arm32) and first configuration:

Java.lang.RuntimeException: HTTP 502: html

502 Bad Gateway ... ... Nginx/1.20.1 ...

This error is shown in matrix-mobile-app on phone by adding an own server (“Server-URL”)

What do you see in browser?

Welcome screen, two options: Login or create account.
In both: “False syncloud configuration. Contact your syncloud admin to check your configuration for invalid or doubled entrys”

This Link is displayed:

I have seen this few times (still investigating), I would ask you to send logs but logs are not working at the moment too (should be fixed in a day).
For now could you try uninstalling and installing again?

Also could update system in Settings - Updates and then send logs to support if you see this error again please?

Reinstall don’t fix the problem. Error message still existing.

I update system - error still existing. I send you logs.

Did you sent logs after updating system?
Did you check include support?

I redirect support mail, so i hope you get logs now ?

When did bought/build this device?
Probably writing the latest device image would fix it.

Pushed another version, could you update to see if that helps?

Thx! Error message is fixed. There is a new one:
Registration is disabled on “matrix.xxxx.xx”.

Yeah, use Users app to add more users.
Can you login with your main user?

Thx Boris - it works! Later I will test adding new users …

OK, what’s the trick to add users? Everytime comes error message “The account identifier (Username) is invalid” ?

Can you send a screenshot?

Sorry error is not clear, username should start with lower case .

OK - it works. Big thx! :slight_smile:

Is it necessary to add a identity server to find and finally chat with users on own Matrix-Server?

If yes, it seems so, that only external servers like works. The own “home”- Matrix-Server address do not work for … So personal informations will sent to this external server… :frowning: