I can't remount a connection with a .sh script after reboot

I was trying to remount a connection with a .sh script after reboot and it didn’t work. I have tried with (contrab, init.d, rc.d ,etc) Has anyone done it?

What is the command and what is the error?

I am trying to get a connection back when I reboot via sftp or ftp with another local server.

First via ftp using (curlftpfs commands)

curlftpfs -o allow_other user:pass@my-ip /my/path

then I added in fstab

curlftpfs#ftp://user:pass@my-ip/ /my/path fuse defaults 0 0

The connection is mounted but after reboot it doesn’t with fstab modification.

Then after try another way by this script


Run-level Startup script for curlftpfs

chkconfig: 345 91 19

description: Startup/Shutdown the curlftpfs

FTP user, password, and host (you can specify the port also eg. ftp.example.com:2002)


Mounted to folder


Create the mounted to dir if doesn’t exist

if [ ! -d $mPath ]; then
mkdir -p $mPath

case “$1” in
curlftpfs $ftpHost $mPath -o user=$ftpUser:$ftpPass,allow_other
fusermount -u $mPath
$0 stop
$0 start
echo “Usage: $0 start|stop|restart|reload”
exit 1
exit 0

This works too but when I try to run this script on every reboot it doesn’t.

For this try by contrab

chmod +x my-script.sh
crontab -e
@reboot sh /my/local/my-script.sh

So I was trying in various ways but I can’t get the script to run on each reboot either.

I just wanted to know if anyone has made a script.sh run on every reboot.


First thing to test is that your script can without user environment (like additional paths or something else)
Good way of testing this is crontab per minute and make sure you output everything to a file like script.sh > error.log 2>&1 right in cron

If that works in regular cron it should work in @reboot. While I am not sure if @reboot is disabled now in favour of systemd events.