Photoprism mount as Webdav

Hey all,

I am running Fedora and wanted to mount Photoprism as a drive to work on specific images, but I am not having any success with it. Anyone have success in doing this I feel it should work, but under Account the “Connect Via Webdav” is greyed out

Have you tried connecting as your main user?

Server URL

The originals folder URL for a server exposed to the public Internet is:

Their doc mentions the example url: WebDAV - PhotoPrism

Yeah I have tried that, no success.

Ok tried with Ubuntu Files app and it does not work, for me says unauthorized, created and issue

Currently fixing transmission restart issue, will check this one next.

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Just pushed an update, webdav should work now.

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Thanks it works perfectly!

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One followup, the sync option despite being set to every 1 hour or 4 hours and it only does it once a day. Not sure if others are seeing this too?

What sync option, can you show a screenshot?

This is under the service settings.
The folder was still loading at the time of the screen shot.

I will try to look, as I need this myself now :slight_smile:

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I might tinker with the import via webdav feature too to remove the photos from nextcloud too

same problem, new photo is in nextcloud but photoprism even set to sync hourly does not bring it in. will wait for a day to see, probably an issue in photoprism.

actually I see in the log it does the sync regularly, but it failed to index.

You can check if you have the same issue:

journalctl -u snap.photoprism.* | grep sync | grep Next

journalctl -u snap.photoprism.* | grep failed

photoprism discussion: sync faied to index · photoprism/photoprism · Discussion #4322 · GitHub

Oh that would explain why photos show up when I manually restart the indexing!

I am testing an upgrade from sqlite db to maria db as suggested by photoprism developers and it seems better. Unfortunately there is no easy migration of the existing database so on upgrade you will have to reindex everything and I assume tag people again :frowning: as database will be empty, files of course will stay in originals.

oh ok, so when or how will we know if the DB is upgraded and that we need to rerun the index?

I was about to push a new version, as soon as it auto updates you will lose the index and need to do a full reindex again. Will happend tomorrow if all goes to plan.
Originals will be intact.

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