Remote Access fails

Attempting remote access to file system with SFTP but receiving error that “user name or password is invalid.” Using same user and password as main device login, also tried creating another user and that user doesn’t work. Tried with filezilla on pc and Android Solid Explorer, same result. Tried local connection using device ip and also * through internet. The connection is made but credentials are not accepted. User and password is being typed in correctly, not cut and pasted. I can log in to device itself, use apps fine but just not remote access. Any assistance is appreciated, thanks.

To connect SFTP I type as user " root " and the password of my syncloud.

Brilliant! Thank you for the quick response, that was it. Instructions say to use device login but root work.

Sorry for that, fixed the instruction: Remote file access · syncloud/platform Wiki · GitHub

I see that now, thank you for the assistance.