Hi Boris,

Until the last platform update we have a script.

I use it to launch backup on all applications installed.

What the way to backup an application now ?


Sorry, we are in process of adding cross-platform scheduled backups.

The next step is to add a schedule.

What is your use case? Do you run certain apps backup daily?

I will bring command line backup ASAP which is usefull I understand, sorry for that.

Hi Boris,

I copy in my directory it’s work

Do you run certain apps backup daily?

I backep all apps 3 times by week, with copy tar file and nextcloud data on external storage ( with rclone command.


I am working on a simplified secondary mirror device procedure:

  1. [primary device] backup schedule (daily, you set time)
  2. [primary device] Syncthing /data send (continous)
  3. [secondary device] Syncthing /data receive (continous)
  4. [secondary device] restore schedule (daily, you set time)

Secondary device is actually usable (but primary device will not get any change from it)

Syncthing can only connect to non-https port/IP which makes it difficult to run across the Internet, but is ideal for local network setup.

Would you use that or you would rather stay on your approach for now?
Could you explain why if you do not like it please?

Hi Boris,

It’s a nice goal, but i don’t have the need to create a mirror, i can stay several day without Nextcloud. So I think that i shall stay on my approach of now.

1 - my server is connected directly on internet , with no connection on local network.
2 - The NextCloud and syncthing data are replicate on one or two desktop.