Extrange :0 and no external acces

Hi, I runned Syncloud for tree years with no much problems…
But since the last 1 week or so, I can not get it from outside my network (my office).

If I look for t since Syncloud.org Devices, I see an extrnage “:0” at the end…

In Setting/acces, I see that “public port” is 0
If I try to change to 443, it shows this message:
"Unable to verify open ports, using device public IP: ‘xxx.xxx.39.52’ which is IPv4. Details: port is not reachable

The Upnp in my Router worked before… now seems that Syncloud can not “open” ports on Router

any idea?

Now, I have made again ten “activation” proces… and opened 443 port manually from the router…
But, when I try to activate the Public mode on I get this message:
“dial udp [2001:4860:4860::8888]:80: connect: network is unreachable”

any idea?


That means you have no IPv6 in your home network so disabling ipv6 access should help.

Also we do not use UPnP anymore for now so you need to manually create a mapping on your router for the only needed 443 port.
Port 80 is also not used anymore as we use DNS for https certificates now.

Right, I disabled IPv6 on Acces, an all runs again.

Now all matches…
Some day ago (10 or so) I updated Syncloud (I do not update it very often).
Then, the probles began: the UPnP that opened ports on my Router died, and at the same time (probably) the IPv6 support switched on…

I disabled IPv6, opened manually 443 on my router, asign 443 as public port on Acces section, and that part works.

TIP: for some reason, I losed all teh users except of Admin user.
I made all user again, closed and reopened Nexcloud client, and now all works.


This is usually happening after device activation, all users are reset and only one is created, but yes they are easy to recreate and apps should preserve their settings.

Now I see all has it’s explanation… Thanks :wink: