and not reachable

when I try to open my nextcloud, Home-Assistant or Files-App via, nothing happens. Seems like they are down…
What can I do?

Are you inside or outside home network?

Inside: Internal Access · syncloud/platform Wiki · GitHub
Outside: External Access · syncloud/platform Wiki · GitHub

Hi, I am outside home network, but everything worked perfect for months until today. So I assume that it’s not a problem in my configuration…
I can still open the administration page inside my home network. But if I try to open some apps from there it doesn’t work.

hello, I have the same problem.
In our network works two devices access without IPv6, 1 port 443 1 port 10443
also no access on

Hi, same here…
No acces to “” or “” from any browser…

Trying from PC and mobile…
with two diferent internet providers…

from Chrome PC:

from Chrome Mobile:

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I’m getting the same issue as janseta

You are right, there was a disk issue on our prod box, could you try now please?


Thank you very much and kind regards from Berlin!

YES, everything is up again. Thank you!!!