Can't login to Photoprism

App installed without errors but can not login.
None of the user credentials are accepted including main admin.
Is there a default login that needs to used to setup the app or should the admin credentials work?
Has anyone had success accessing this app?

The same user as in all other apps should work.
Unles it does not like the name of your user, can you tell the name of the user you activated the device with (main user)?

To test you can install Users app and add a test user to check.

The users app is already installed and all user work in the other apps installed. Photoprism is the only app that does not recognize any user credentials.
I added a test user named “test”, and pass word more than 10 characters using uppercase, lowercase and one special character and one number. Photoprism doesn’t recognize this test user either.
Is there special requirements for user or password for photoprism different from what are acceptable in syncloud user app?

I do not think so, just tried main user test/test1234 worked fine. Maybe there is an issue with non main user or something else.
Can you send logs?

Made another attempt to login to Photoprism then sent logs.

Just in case are you using Syncloud Users app, not Nextcloud users to add new users?

Just created a user: test1 with password: filling-Mobile-10-stopped
In Syncloud Users app and was able to login.
Your error says invalid credentials which may mean user not found.

Yes I am using the syncloud user app. So I added this user with same credentials listed and it is the only one that can log in, although no settings are available in photoprism. I assume the admin account must do this. All other users including device admin can not log in.

Turns out that the syncloud users app thinks that a password with a space in it is “great” but photoprism will not allow it. Changed admin password and am now able to login.

Oh great that you found it, I should make Users app a bit more strict.

I don’t think of a space as unsecure but some apps may not be set up to handle them. Thank you for the prompt assistance.