Adding users / storage

Sincere apologies regarding the n00b questions.

When adding users I’m getting a syntax error 0 I’m curious if I would need to create a new syncloud account for a second user for them to get their own That I could end under my server server for them to use their own sincloud App also Currently I have 2 separate terabytes hooked up to an XU4 odroid and and I’m curious as to how the file system is set up if it would easily separate the separate users files on 1 on 1TB or if there was a way I could set it up to one user using 1TB and then the other Using the other terabyte And also how that would go about having to switch between the 2 terabytes lights separately since I am unaware of them being able to be used in together in unison.

Are you using Users app?
Can you post a screenshot?

Could you ask separate questions as separate threads? It will be easier to track.