Users App: impossible to add new users and groups

Hi @boris,
it seems like I cannot add users anymore in the dedicated app. This is what I do:
Users>new user>I fill the form>Create account
Then, no error messages but no user is created. Being that you cannot create new users, as a consequence you cannot create new groups either because a new group requires at least one user in it.
Is that a bug or am I missing something? Thanks a lot.

p.s. I appreciate a lot the new behaviour of Syncloud: only admins can access the control panel

Make sure you are on latest Users and try one more time, then send logs right aeay and let me know here when done and the time when logs were sent.

I cannot reproduce the error!! Today, after a reboot, it’s working fine. We’ll never know what was wrong…if anything was wrong :wink:


p.s. in case I’ll be able to reproduce the error, I know what to do (log, etc.)

FOUND! It’s is not an error but a (desired?) behaviour of the GUI: you are allowed to create users only if you fill First and Last name (despite not being marked as mandatory)
and you don’t get any error message. I will not send you a log, I think you can reproduce it by yourself. Ciao

p.s. let me know if you want me to open an issue on Github

Yes, open the issue please.

This is fixed now, clear visual indication about required fields: Users app should warn about required First and Last name · Issue #674 · syncloud/platform · GitHub