Syncloud OHC1 not defined on the network

Hi, I bought the OHC1 a few years ago at Syncloud Shop. At that time, it was not possible to start using it, because Nextcloud refused to install on the iPhone.
Now I connect the device with a cable to the router and look for the ip address through the AngryIP and Android SyncloudApp. OHC1 flashes three lights but is not detected at all.
By connecting the computer to the router with a cable, I determined that there was no problem with the cable.
I ask for help from the support service.
Thank you!

Do you have sata ssd disk inside and sd card inserted?

You can always do a factory reset by followinf this instruction for your device: Home · syncloud/platform Wiki · GitHub

Let us know if that helps

Boris, thanks for your reply!
Yes, I have sata ssd disk inside and sd card inserted.
I am preparing to implement your recommendation.
I would like to know two things about this.

  1. The instructions in your link say:
    Be careful and detach other external drives before writing so you do not erase everything from it accidentally.”
    Will this operation erase the necessary data from the storages?

  2. How can I execute this instruction on the device after boot?
    “If disk still shows 3GB run this command:/snap/platform/current/bin/”
    I don’t have I/O capability for OHC1

  1. That means if you write an image to an sd card it will be erased completely so make sure to select correct sd card.
  2. You do not really need it for now. If it boots than you can do it from the UI as well (Settings - Internal Storage)