Hi there. Today I found this

Today I found that nextcloud and plex did not want to work. I tried to do the steps that he indicated and reinstall the platform and nothing, I only receive this

Get “http://unix/v2/snaps”: dial unix /var/run/snapd.socket: connect: connection refused

You are activating the device.
Was it activated before and stopped working, tell me more history about this device.
Can you ssh to the device?

If it was activated. Suddenly it stopped working just like that. I swear I haven’t touched anything. To save time I reinstalled and then put my backups but when I try to activate now it does that.

To save time I reinstalled
What did you reinstall?

Also do you use external disk or not?
If not it can be just out of disk space if you keep uploading files into apps on the same disk it will kill the main OS eventually.

Can you ssh to the device and run this command:

df -h

If you do know what is it then you may want to do a factory reset of the main disk by following this procedure (assuming you have your backups and data saved to another disk as it will erase everything on your main disk):