Stuck at the beginning :/

Hello Community!
I’ve managed to connect my Odroid-H3+ (with Syncloud) computer physically with Ethernet Switch (which is connected to private router). Unfortunately, I don’t know how to find ip address of my device and try to activate it via website (I don’t have android phone and cannot find app for iPhone in the store :frowning: ). Where I should start, what I should check?
What I noticed already is that, when I booted some live USB Ubuntu image on Odroid-H3+,
ping command worked. When I’m using Syncloud OS, I’m getting Temporary failure in name resolution error :confused:
Probably network interface didn’t load, because ifconfig shows only lo interface…

Do you a screen on it?
Can you boot Syncloud and see what it shows?
Am I right it is an Intel x64 pc?