Odroid HC4 not reachable and shows no output on cli


i want to setup an new syncloud enviroment to escape from arm86(Odroid HC2).
I bought a Odroid HC4 download the current image (syncloud-odroid-hc4-23.09.img.xz), flash it on a SD-Card put it in and power the device. Sadly nothing happend.
The device don’t answer via browser and i get no out put on the console when i plug-in a hdmi cable.

To prove the sd-card and the hardware is working, i flash it with the odroid os(ubuntu-22.04-4.9-minimal-odroid-c4-hc4-20220705.img.xz). This one works well and is reachalbe and shows me the console.

please help me.

best regards

Strange, I guess you teied this one:


Can you try this one:


I will test 23.09 later as well.

Hi Boris,

thanks for your replay and investigations.

The sd-card is the problem i use a Samsung Evo Plus 128GB (SDXC) U3.
I tried the other image an get the same problem with the named sd-card.
After i took the old sd-card(SanDisk Industrial 8GB U1 Class 10 HC I) from my old device(current syncloud device) and flash it with the newest image syncloud-odroid-hc4-23.09.img.xz it worked.

I’m a bit surprised because the other odroid image (ubuntu-22.04-4.9-minimal-odroid-c4-hc4-20220705.img.xz) worked very well with the Samsung sd-card. It must be because of the debian buster image or the special syncloud image.

Thanks for the reply, strange I think image is 3g itself and it should not matter how big is the card. Usually you do not need big sd cards and add external storage ssd disk especially on this hc4 device.