Pi Hole configartion


I try to configure pi hole, but I don’t know how.

I have tried to use the normal IP address from my syncloud. (Internal Address)
but it doesn’t work.

After configuration of my local DNS to Syncloud Internal Address.
I couldn’t reach my router anymore, … so I take it back to the normal local ipv4 address from my router.
(I use a AVM Fritz Box)

So what IP Address should be used for using the pi hole?
Or better say, where I can find it?

Best regards

Should be you local IP of Syncloud device, you can test it on a PC directly first, set it as primary DNS on a PC and see if that produces results on pihole dashboard. It may take few minutes to start resolvong dns using new server as local cache is used for some time.

Also you can test it with nslookup on a PC first.


nslookup google.com

Where is your syncloud IP.