I can't access nextcloud from my local ip

I am trying to access nextcloud from my local ip. I am aware that I have problems with NAT Loopback but I want to access for example
and I can’t find the local address to access nextcloud

Has anyone tried it?


This will not work as we use domain based app routing instead of path based (which is more complex)

There are few workarounds here: NAT Loopback · syncloud/platform Wiki · GitHub

In my case, the solution was this:
1 - Make a fixed IP for my Nexcloud gadget ( in my case)
2 - In my Router ( in my case), in DNS Service, I defined host names that take you to the fixed IP (xxxx is my account):
xxxx.syncloud.it -
nextcloud.xxxx.syncloud.it -
openvpn.xxxx.syncloud.it -
3 - In my PC, in the network properties, I define that the primary DNS is the Router ( in my case)
As secondary DNS I put a generic one ( for example)

This way, when I put the address “nextcloud.xxxx.syncloud.it” , it looks first in the DNS table of the Router…
And the normal addresses, it will find them in the secondary DNS.

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