Nextcloud throwing an error on site and Failure in logs

I am receiving this error when visiting my nextcloud instance, this is on the site. I also sent my logs just before this post, which shows something is up with nextcloud, I just cant determine what.

Seeing an odd ownership in my nextcloud folder by bitwarden… is this supposed to happen?

Apparently fixing permissions may have done it unless there was an update that i missed earlier today. But I ran sudo chown -R nextcloud:nextcloud /data/nextcloud and forgot to check it for an hour but it does seem i have a functioning system. Curious on why or how the Bitwarden permissions jumped in

Did you move disk or something?
Let me check bitwarden as well.

Are you syncing files from another device some way or another?
Filesystem keeps user ID not name so if you sync files with permissions from one machine to another it is possible that 1 (nextcloud) on one box is 1 (bitwarden) on another.

A few months ago I moved my base system to a new SSD drive and didnt have any issue until now. I suppose I should check other folders too?

Yes, you may do that as well.