Nextcloud Maintenance Mode?

Hey all -

Just installed Syncloud on my HC2 today. No issues and added Nextcloud to it. Everything seemed to go well except one issue. When I try to upload from the mobile app, it gives the error “Failed: server in maintenance mode”. Any help? I’m pretty new here so I don’t know what I’m doing

Can you upload files using nextcloud web?

Yes I can. Mobile and pc

Can you create a text document or a folder using mobile app?
Is it android or iphone?
What is the version of the mobile app?

I can create a folder, it’s Android version 3.17

Is it a big file you cannot upload?
Can you try a small one?

I have tried different photos and pdf files, all small

Can you send logs from Settings - Support (include support)?

I just sent the logs, sorry for the delay!

Could you reply to the email (you should have received the copy) mentioning the problem as we get many log emails :slight_smile: and there is no way to find it based on your discourse login.

Just replied to the email

Did you enable anything after installing Nextcloud, like encryption?

Not sure if this is related as you have some logs about encryption modules in the log file when Android tries to do something.

No default encryption module defined