Backup with CLI

Hello Support,

How i can launch backups of the all app in command line. ( crontab ).

A good idea for syncloud a page to manage the backups


Here is a page for backup:

Do you want to automate app settings backup?
If yes you could look at this file as this is what is web ui backup button triggers:


This may become part of the platform cli tool in future.

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Hello Boris

I do a small script to backup all app on the server.

I can improve it and share with the others users.

But actually i don’t arrive to open the gogs :frowning:

I improve it and translate some comments.

  • How i can share ?
    Here ?
    on your wiki ?


You can share here.
Ideally you change webui Settings - Backup and add an option like “Auto backup”: off, daily … and save this into config db. (JavaScript)

Then modify backend to read this property as part oir existing scheduled job runs if it is set.
We suport every 15 min jobs so it can be extended to support daily runs (go lang)

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Hummm nice proposal :slightly_smiling_face: , i must to prepare a dev system to work on this.

Thank for the Idea