Gogs don't restart after backup

Hi suport

In setting backup i activate backup every days :wink:

It’s work fine for nextcloud and bitwarden. but not for gogs .

after the backup gogs.server and gogs.postgresql are down…


Hello Boris,

I verify gogs is not backuped , application is stop …


Are you restoring on the same device or another (I assume another as this is automatic)?

Is this secondary device the same cpu architecture as the first one like amd64 to amd64?

Gogs needs a fix to support cross-platform backup format (postgres db was fixed only for nextcloud for now) I will do that shortly but it may not be your issue.

Cross-platform backup gogs cross-platform backup format · Issue #665 · syncloud/platform · GitHub

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Hello Boris,

How can I remove the “gogs” application from the backup?

Have a nice day .

there is no way to exclude individual installed apps from the automatic backup yet, but that by itself should not cause any issue even if it can be only restored on the same architecture device.

What is the real issue for you, I may have misunderstood you, is restore or backup itself stops the app on the primary device and it does not start after that?

If that is the case you need to disable auto backup for now while I fix gogs backup itself unfortunately.

Hi Boris,

Yes it’s that backup

  • stop th app
  • do not backup
  • do not restart app


I think the issue is fixed now, could you update System from Settings - Updates and Gogs itself.
Then try doing a manual backup if that is ok enable auto backup.

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Hi Boris


Do you have a purge solution in place?

Or a possibility for us to add a hook script ?


Sorry, purge for existing backups?
Did fix worked for you?

hello Boris

Yes fine

yes , with the number of backup than i want keep.

Good week-end.