How can Backup my Syncloud Drive? Raid? Backup-Software like Apple Time Backup? Copy hole drive?


i want to set up a syncloud device, but i a little bit worry about the Backup-Options.
Sure i could buy a Helios4/64 and make set up a Raid, but i’am more into the
open Hardware Options like the Cubietruck. And this device got only one slot for a Sata.

So if i’am using my Cubietruck as a Cloud device all the time on it’s important to back that hole drive.

So what are my Backup Options? Only disconnect the drive and copy it to another one manually?
I heard syncloud is until now not supporting Raid config. And not really possible with a lot of the Hardware. So what can i do?


For Helios 4/64 and other possibilities you find a HowTo on this site:

Raid manually (for now) configured is one option, but you need a device with two disks (any combination of SATA or M2).
Another option is to use Syncthing app which is available in Syncloud store and setup a backup between two devices (second device may or may not be a Syncloud device).

Ah, you mean it is working like this: you install this app and can connect the second drive only for the backup and restore all your data with it if your main drive dies?

Well, I actually meant a backup between two machines over the network. It depends on what are you trying to protect against: disk failure, area disaster (fire destroying all disks in the device)

If you have two disks on one machine then Raid is the way to go unless raid is not possible (SATA and USB for example) or you do not want to manually configure raid then Syncthing should work.

So you mean i can use two same syncloud devices and mirror them complete?
Would it be possible with that app. So i would use one device only for the synching backup sometimes?

Buying the same drives two times and use a drive copy device looks like easier^^ and i get a 1:1 copy

Raid would be the best if i would see disk failure in the guide or could send a email with my syncloud device that i should change a drive. manual raid isn’t really a user friendly way to go

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Would it be possible with that app. So i would use one device only for the synching backup sometimes?

Syncthing installed on two devices allows you select what to backup on filesystem (everything is an option) from one device to another device. It does it automatically after initial setup and has a nice easy to use web ui. Second device can be a super cheap Raspberry Pi with a disk running in a different location.

Buying the same drives two times and use a drive copy device looks like easier^^ and i get a 1:1 copy

You can do that but I just checked Syncthing is not the right tool for that as it syncs two disks over the network, for local sync of two dirs you may want need to use a tool like rsync (linux command line tool).

Raid would be the best

Yes, and only if you are talking about system running on one disk and plus two disks under raid for data. That we will support eventually. Plus some form of notification of failures (

If you want to have just two disks and run Syncloud system on them then you have to create raid before “installing” (copy disk image, there is no installer) Syncloud.

I do understand that ideally you want all of that with zero configure, like a device has two disks out of the box and tells you when to buy a replacement one. Also if you get a second device they magically find each other and ask you to allow them to backup each other. Eventually we will get there if and when we get more resources.

okay thanks for that long answer :slight_smile:

I think i will maybe buy a second device and use it over the network for sync two devices.
But for me the easiest solution is to backup the hole drive with my copy device maybe every 3 month (or direct if i save some important stuff on it) so data failure is not really big. Take drives out, stick both drive in in the copy device, press on button and that’s it!

For sure it would be very nice :slight_smile: I’am a big fan of OpenMediaVault. They got this Smart Feature and they can send you a mail right before your drive dies. Raid is also very easy to configure.

I will buy a second Cubietruck not a raspi. Open Source everything :wink:

I tried to use the App Backup on my Syncloud Nextcloud Instance from Maxence Lange → Backup - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud but it is not working.
It seemes to be a good option to make a backup to a second Nextcloud Server or my cloud storage.
The Problem is that it connects to the second server but seems not starting maintenance mode and not starting the backup.

Any idea how to solve the problem?

Have not tried this app myself, but I have just finished a set of improvements in backup area, just need to document not very difficult steps to our backup wiki.

What it allows is to have a fully working automatically synced secondary instance of Syncloud device.

  1. Enable auto backup on the main device
  2. Install Syncthing ( by default now allows to sync device data dir)
  3. Enable auto restore on the secondary device
  4. Install Syncthing on the secondary and connect to the main device.

This way any app installed on both devices will be automatically mirrored with all the settings and files.

I will publish a step by step info in a day or so.

Not to mention raid (multi disk) is now also supported from Storage page (no need for command line).

Would you be interested in trying Syncloud auto backup?