Account Expired

Today my free trial expired. It was something I had received a few warnings about, but did not get around to take care of, even though i was going to. So today i logged into the website to start a subscription to find that, apparently that device has not only been disabled from the service, but entirely deleted. I would like to reactivate but am unsure how to do it. Can you give me advice on that?

That being said, I feel like communication on this issue has been terrible. Not only did we first learn about mandatory subscriptions from an email telling us that a free trial was about to expire, but also now this. May I also suggest creating different tiers of subscriptions? Maybe one that will only give you access to one or two apps that is cheaper and a full one. 60 pound a year just for running one app maybe pretty steep for some.

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Pretty much the same scenario here; my first impulse is to go back to Synology but i’m not really in the market to spend more than a few quid these days!
Can’t blame Boris (hardest working for least pay) for wanting to capitalise on his diligent work.
Best of luck to you and the Syncloud crew!

… I’m back with a post script : if you set up a local hosts file on your client laptop/machine the local syncloud system seems to be still there and mainly working.

My nextcloud install seems to be affected which is a shame as it was the part i had put most work into.

Will be thanking Boris most sincerely if these backups fulfil their mission :slight_smile:


Sorry if communication was not great, I tried my best.
At this point I am still trying to break even, so unfortunately there is not price change at this time.

To recover all you need is to subscribe and your device should magically appear withing 5 minutes, if it does not reach by email or any other way of communicating you prefer.

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Actually devace re-activation (Settings - Activation) on the same domain is also needed

Currently failing to restore .zip of a blog built up during the ‘we love free’ period , a brief subscription seemed the easy way out ; when logging into it now says “you have 30 days to subscribe” …does this mean that after 30 days i will not be able to re activate my device(s).

Rather ironic ; syncloud is SO GOOD that we actually started coughing up a few quid just before it all went commercial …some time ago exactly the same thing happened with a music streaming service that was adored, it feels like my fault!

does this mean that after 30 days i will not be able to re activate my device(s).

Actually this message is shown all the time for non subscribed users, you should have received email notifications. If you subscribe you will be able you use domain name.

syncloud is SO GOOD

I beleive Syncloud is different from other services, it is open source, you own the data, we help you making it easy to use I still need to eat and pay for the services.

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