Log4j consequences and syncloud.org website insecure?

Hey there,
since it is all over the news I have been wondering if our Syncloud installations are vulnerable to this new security issue and if it would be safest to take them offline for now?

On a probably unrelated note: I’ve been trying to access syncloud.org to look for any news on the above situation and noticed that firefox is giving me a warning that 1st there’s apparently no https available anymore and 2nd that the certificate is not valid anymore (SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE)

Thanks for the great work, as always!



Thatnks for leting us know.
Certificate renewal jobs are fixed now.
As to log4j we are not using any java it is mostly go, python and javascript, but I will check if we have any java based tools on our dev servers.


Great to know, and very reassuring. Thanks for checking it out.