Student pricing?

Hey Boris. Being a poor student at the moment with limited time (not an IT-related subject) I cannot afford the subscription at the moment. I only ever accessed my Syncloud locally but recently this stopped working, too, due to certificate problems (can’t ignore TLS issues on iOS devices, I need my iPad for Uni).

Any way we may be able to apply for student pricing? I have my final med school exam in December and not really any time to figure out an alternative solution.

Thanks a lot!


I understand you may have difficult time, while we do not have any student discounts at the moment we are plannig to have a referral program “bring one subscriber get one month free” is this something you would consider?

Aw, that’s sad to hear! I thought Syncloud would keep working in local only mode without the subscription so I didn’t prepare for the switch to subscription-only. Now I have to keep studying and can’t afford the time to do a full system switch. I guess I’ll try to pay for the next three months as I really don’t have time to try to deal with the certificate stuff now.

I don’t think the referral program would be of much use to people like me since friends&family are way less technical and couldn’t be persuaded to use a self-hosting solution for the forseeable future.

I highly hope for a student option, I think this would make a lot of sense.

Another thing: As I’m using the Odroid HC1 (one of your earlier recommended devices) which is 32-bit, how long do you think Nextcloud will still be supported secure enough on it?