WiFi connection on boot

Syncloud is perfect. Thank you very much for this great development.

Is there way to establish WiFi connection on boot? I do not want to use ethernet.

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There was this request to add a WiFi app to Syncloud, but I am not sure how usefull it is without any ethernet: WiFi App · Issue #296 · syncloud/platform · GitHub
So it was never added.
Could you give more details about the requirement?
If you have no ethernet, how would you activate a device or set wifi credentials?
Or you would use ethernet only for initial setup?
If there was a wifi app is this something you would like?

Thank you for the quick reply.

My modem has only one ethernet port and it’s used by wifi access point. I could activate the device with this port but after that I cannot use it.
People use modems which are given by internet service providers. And those modems usually have limited number of ethernet ports.

I do not want a configuration tool or a web interface. I just want a text file in /boot to write wifi settings in it. Is it possible?

In DietPi (a lightweight rasbian distro) it is very easy to make the wifi configuration with two text files in /boot;

in dietpi.txt;

in dietpi-wifi.txt;

It is very easy and usefull. ( Please take a look How to Configure DietPi OS • JustBoom )

Can you please add a network configuration file like DietPi?
For example a file called network-conf.txt in /boot;



dhcp=off #(if on ignore following lines)

I agree we could do something like this, but does it make sense just to buy a five port network switch for something around $15 and have a much better solution?

Thank you. I am waiting it impatiently. By the way I should buy a switch.