Updates and current versions


I’m a bit uncertain if my system is running normally. None of my apps nor the system have seen any updates in many months. They used to come quite frequently and I also read about some important security updates for some of them. Is there any place to see what the current version of all the apps and the system are supposed to be?
Also, one thing that has been nagging me: the order of the apps on the “apps” page seems to be random and changes every time I open it. It makes checking for updates unnecessarily difficult.


Since few months ago all updates are automaticly installed, so no need to worry :slight_smile:

The randomness and actually slowness of the store page is being actively addressed right now.

There is no easy way to see all versions currently, as a workaround you can open apps or store page once and then use middle mouse button to open needed apps in a new tab that way you quickly open all apps without reloading the list page.