Need help to understand Nextcloud updates

Hi everyone,

I would need help understanding how nextcloud updates are working.
I’ve been running Syncloud for a while mainly to run Nextcloud, and was (twice a year ?) doing system and apps update. I found out today that my Nextcloud updates were keeping my Nextcloud version on… 15 :roll_eyes:

So either I didn’t understand that I had something specific to do to update to a new major Nexcloud version, or either something is going wrong but I don’t know what.

So apparently my Nextcloud version is 15.0.0.
In the App Center I see “Version: 1909118” and if I hit the button “Upgrade v210214199” it fails in making the available update.

I tried a few things command line, such as

snap refresh nextcloud --amend
snap install nextcloud_200724171_armhf.snap --devmode as mentionned in the wiki to upgrade to Nextcloud 19.

But I always get the same error message which is:

Exception: Backup file does not exist: /var/snap/nextcloud/current/database.dump

(I did a Nextcloud backup before doing all that)

So I would need help understanding what is going on and what I should you.
Thanks !

If someone runs into this problem:

I got unstuck by upgrading to the specific version 15 stated in the wiki.
I then tried to move to the 19 directly but it didn’t work.
So I am now moving from one major version to another and this seems to work (tip: remember to update apps before otherwise the upgrade fails).

But I still don’t understand much better why I was “stuck” on v15 using the syncloud admin app upgrade page.

Final edit : this procedure worked fine and I went back to stable with snap refresh nextcloud --amend. My Nextcloud seems now correcly up to date.

Correct, currently you need to go through all the major versions upgrade one by one.
So if you are on 15 but latest is 20 you need to run commands for each, 16, 17, 18, 19 and then 20 (back to stable).
Current upgrade button on UI can only do upgrade to latest and only if you are one version behind.
We should improve this at some point so UI upgrades to the nearest (not latest) major version at a time.
Nextcloud itself does not allow upgrades skipping major versions and that is the source of the problem.
Also for now I would subscribe to our telegram channel (Telegram: Contact @syncloud) and try to upgrade at least when we release major upgrades, this way you should have no need to run manual commands.

Thanks Boris for this explanation !