I wanted to suggest to add TAILSCALE to the APP Center.

It has a very simple instalation, and it WORKS with CGNAT conecctions like the one many people of us have at home…

I used Tailscale with my other Raspberry that runs Octoprint, and works like a charm…
I followed the instructions in this video:

which explains very well how to register in Tailscale and how to install it both on Linux / Raspberry and on a mobile phone …

Altough, instalation details for meny Linux distributions are here:

The Windows/Mac client is very simple too

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first of all this is closed source so it has to be very popular and have no open source alternatives for me to consider.
If you really want this app to be in the store you can help us by packaging it using this doc: App porting guide · syncloud/platform Wiki · GitHub

You are right. I didn’t realize that Tailscale is not open source. I was looking for a solution for those who have CGNat and Tailscale appeared…
Actually, everything in Tailscale is Open Source, except the GUI clients for proprietary OS (Windows and macOS/iOS), and the ‘coordination/control server’.

In any case, I have found an Open Source alternative, called Headscale.

The pity is that they still don’t have an iOS client, and the Android client you have to compile/hack it yourself…

About porting the APP, the truth is that my programming knowledge/skills are very far from being able to do it…

In any case, it’s not important either

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Wait a second it is open source I did not realize: GitHub - tailscale/tailscale: The easiest, most secure way to use WireGuard and 2FA.
and it is written in go the best language in my opinion!