Hi, I wish that OPENPROJECT be added…

What is Openproject?
Is an Team organisation help tool… Task management, scheduling, timing,…
Something similar (but not the same) that NOTION, TRELLO, JIRA, ASANA, BASECAMP…

Why do ii need?
I need an open/free alternative to Teams, Basecamp, …
And I thing is a good tool for (almost) everyone.

Is Free / Open?
Is Opensource.
They have paid plans, BUT there is a FREE version called Community Edition:

What’s about Nextcloud?
Nextcloud is now integrated with OpenProject…

How to install Openproject?
You can find instructions for installation for Debian OS here:

Sadly, I have not enough Linux knowlenge to install by myself…

How do you use it right now?
How many people are on your project?
If we have this in our store, do you have a Syncloud device to inatall it?

For me, I have 5 engineers on my team. Would love it myself…

Is this top priority missing app in Syncloud for you?

In my case:
We are 3 enginners, and we have right now one Syncloud device (Raspberry 4) running Nextcloud and Syncthing
Sinceresly, for us OPOENPROJECT is not a “top priority in Syncloud”, only a wish…

Other info:
Seems Openproject needs usually an X86 cpu

but there is a way to install it in ARM devices (Rasp 4), as yoy can see in here: