Syncloud S / NC Password

Hi Boris

I wanted to install the app “Passwords” from NC. The following error appears, which points to the server:
“This server uses a legacy support release because it does not meet the system requirements and is no longer supported.”

Do these defaults correspond to the Syncloud S server?


Sorry never used NC Password is it similar to Bitwarden?
You need to try again and send logs from Settings - Support to see the real problem behind this message.

How can I send these logs?

From device main web UI: Settings → Support → send to support

The only email I have from you is from 15 Jan and it say no disk space left:

/dev/sda2        3030800 3014416         0 100% /

Sorry I only uploaded the log file now.
In the meantime, I was able to install the app in a version for old systems. Does Syncloud S not meet these requirements?

It should, but we really need to see what exactly it does not like.
Cannot see the new logs email, can you attempt installing one more time and send the logs right away?

I uninstalled the app “Passwords (Legacy Support Release)” and installed it again.It seems that the Appstore is providing me with a different version - because I no longer get an error, however, it now says (Legacy Support Release) after the name of the app. Have enquired regarding the developer but no reply yet. Also sent the log at about 11:55.
What I noticed is that I cannot restart and shutdown the server in the WebUI.

The developer of the app has just written to me as follows.

“You need to have PHP8 and NC23 for the normal version.”

right, we are still on php8

Here is the issue tracker: [Nextcloud] upgrade php to v8 · Issue #631 · syncloud/platform · GitHub

Do I understand correctly that there is an update coming from Syncloud?

What about the restart and shotdown that does not work in the WebUI?

Do I understand correctly that there is an update coming from Syncloud?

it will come at some point not now, for now I would advice trying bitwarden.

What about the restart and shotdown that does not work in the WebUI?

please create a separate topic and provide more info

By the way consider subscribing to Premium Services to help the development: Premium · syncloud/platform Wiki · GitHub

Hi Boris

I have taken out the premium subscription. I mistakenly entered a different name than my Nextcloud username (because I thought it was the Syncloud username). Now all data incl. users on the Nextcloud are deleted. What can I do?

Do you mean that you tried to reactivate your device with a personal domain name and during that process enterred different username?
If that is the case you can reactivate again with the correct user name.
Then create users and do the file scan for Nextcloud to see the existing files.

Yes, it was like that. How do I reactivate? Do I have to delete the account?

Sorry to be clear, what exactly did you do?
If you are asking how to reactivate that means you did not reactivate? is for premium access and does nothing to the device

Device Settings - Activation, allows you to reset the device domain name and use personal domain name under premium plan option. Reactivate button resets the domain name and users accounts (this could be improved).