Cannot connect via SSH (but can connect otherwise)

I had to move the box my Syncloud is on to connect directly to the router, instead of to a wifi “extender” or whatever they’re called, due to various reasons (Xfinity is so unfriendly to power users…) and I’m trying to access SSH again which I’ve done before. However, even using the new IP address that’s listed at, connecting to SSH via PuTTY won’t work; the connection times out. The router is not somewhere I can work directly at the box easily, mainly due to my disabilities; the room where I usually work is on our house’s second level while the router is on the ground floor, and walking up or down stairs is very exhausting for me. So being able to access the console via SSH is a must. I’ve probably forgotten to do something, so please inform me if I have.

The one major thing I can think that might have caused this is that I set my Syncloud box up for external access properly (which is why I had to move it to connect to the router directly; it’s Xfinity nonsense making port mapping harder than it should be). I changed the Access settings at the [device name] web UI to set that up, enabling public access for IP v4, but saving those settings takes a while and access from off of the local network is very important to what our box is being used for. Having to change the IP to not be public every time I need to access the console via SSH would be extremely inconvenient. However, I will go and test whether doing so actually works after I post this to aid in troubleshooting. Also of note is that I can access the webui and everything else I’ve tested perfectly normally both on and off of the local network; it’s just SSH that isn’t working.

Thanks in advance for any help. I really appreciate Syncloud, it’s made setting this all up accessible to me in a way that lets me learn at my own pace.

So… Turns out that plugging my box into the router directly caused all sorts of problems, the lack of SSH access honestly one of the least of them. I’ve plugged it back into the external node it was on before and everything is fine, except I still can’t set up port forwarding haha. Frickin’ Xfinity.

Probably the router is blocking inbound 22 port on the router.
Does it assign syncloud device local IP or public IP?

I think routers block ports sometimes but usually on connections coming from the public network not within the local network (unless you access the device by its publicl IP).
Here is some question about xfinity port blocks Reddit - Dive into anything

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