Plex does not show "download" option

Hi there Plex users (if any!),
I’m quite an enthusiast Plex user, successfully sharing libraries with friends. What I’m still stuck on is: I cannot make the GUI show the download option. When you set up a new user the option is available but no user has it, actually. Me neither (as a user). Any ideas or solutions?
Thanks a lot.

p.s.: the option is available if I enter the system as:


but obviously I cannot take it into account :wink:


Our install is not very different from any other I think, have you asked Plex community itself?

Note the green and blue sections at the bottom!

thanks a lot. Another way round to push you towards a Plex subscription :unamused: …the dark side of Plex I don’t like at all…I fear that one day also indexing, classifying and all other bonus features will became paid only.
About the download: without a subscription the app is almost useless. Anyway…it could be useful for this :smile:. I’ll check it out and let you know here.
Thank you very much indeed

nothing changes with the app (just a box for the web gui). If you want your friends to download tracks you must share with them the admin credentials or make them buy a Plex Pass.

Agree we have to have an open source plex alternative.

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Looking at this again I must say the have all we need, ldap, no sql server, docker for all modern cpu architectures.

I could look as soon as I finish upgrading rocketchat.

GREAT! Thanks in advance

Jellyfin has been released!

WOW! I’ll try it by Wednesday and will let you know how it works. Thanks a lot