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Hi. I am new to syncloud and plex. I appear to have them working except I can’t figure out how to get my library into Plex. I set up and uploaded a test file to nextcloud. When I go to “browse for media folder” in Plex I can see the nextcloud folder, but no folders under it. I can see those folders and my test file with the File Browser app. It just seems like Plex can’t. Has anyone else encountered this? How can I correct it? Am I doing it wrong and need some other way to load my media other than via nextcloud?


So I figured out a way to do it. I’m not sure if this is the preferred way, but hey, I got my Plex working which was the goal. I used sftp to connect to the server and just created a new “plex” folder next to the the other folders on the external drive. Added sub folders and so on to organize my media, added a test movie (technically I moved it from the nextcloud folder) and Plex saw it. I’m not so sure how useful it would be to have the library in nextcloud anyway. Hope this helps someone stuck like I was. If anyone has better solution, please post.

Yes it is not easy to share files between apps as they run under different system users and cannot see each other. Currently only Synching runs under root for backup purposes.

I have not figured out the best way of sharing files between apps while still running them under different non-root users.

Nextcloud in particular seem to constantly change its data dir to not allow everyone read.

Interesting. I played with permissions, adding the plex user to the nextcloud group and still couldn’t see it. Then I just go too eager to get it running and changed methods. I’ll continue to poke at things.

Sure, let me know if you have any special config to set in nextcloud, I will make the change.

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