Photo prism and nextcloud videos

1st, love photoprism, great tool to use and integrate with nextcloud via webdav. However one thing I realized is that my videos are uploaded to nextcloud but not brought to photoprism in the same way that the photos are rendered.

So investigated and notices under Advanced settings in photoprism that FFmpeg is Disabled, and cannot seem to be enabled, is that by design?

Let me clarify few things.

  1. Do you upload media to nextcloud and see it photoprism?
  2. Can you post a screenshot of ffmpeg setting?

Yes, so let me explain, nextcloud android app instantly uploads photos and videos I take on my android device, a great feature. Then I connect my nextcloud to Photoprism via services

However the photos do get sent to photoprism as expected, however I am not seeing any of the videos. I am suspecting this unchangeable feature in Advanced settings in Photoprism to be blocking it.

I am not opposed to using an app to upload directly to Photoprism, as the moment though it is a free app paid options to eliminate ads iOS & Android Apps – PhotoPrism

I see, cool, I did not know about nextcloud webdav connection, do you think it will copy all your files from nextcloud to photoprism?

Let me check ffmpeg issue.

do you think it will copy all your files from nextcloud to photoprism?

Yes it does, you have to specify the folder to download from and then you can sync it back to a different folder on nextcloud. I.e. Process and return

Sometime ago I was looking at how to not copy files and just give photoprism deirect access to nextcloud files and I came with this hack:

ln -s /data/nextcloud/[user]/files /data/photoprism/photos/originals/[user]

Where [user] is a nextcloud user.
Then you can index them from Library.
Not sure if it fixes any video isses, but worth checking.

that is good to know, though not sure if I want to do that level yet, so far got plenty of space

Jist pushed an update with ffmpeg fix can you try?

Logs sent :slight_smile:

Got it upgraded now, will report back soon

Sorry try again, was running ahead of the train.

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The train caught up… in the process of Re-indexing the source (nextcloud) and it is already picking up videos, great work!