Odroid XU-4 // System change to arm64?

Originally i install in the past an arm32 version on my XU4 - i think, it is the only image for i can download on syncloud. Can I update my device easily to arm64? Makes it sense? Thx for reply!

The easiest way is to flash new arm64 image.
This is the image to use https://github.com/syncloud/image/releases/download/22.09/syncloud-odroid-xu3and4-22.09.img.xz

If you want to preserve your app settings make sure you update to latest platform from Settings - Updates first as it gives you cross-platform backups.
Make sure you are using external storage (Settings - Storage).
Then backup every app.

Then if you are on sd card I would use another one for a new image to flesh, boot, activate the same external storage, install your app, restore their backups.

restore backups (nexctloud, users, matrix) does not work!

→ 502 Bad Garteway

matrix & users: cant log in with users (incl. adrmin/root)

i send you the logs …

You need to tell me more.

  1. What image are you right now?
  2. All updates installed in Settings - Updates?
  3. Nextcloud 502 appeared after restoring backup?
  4. Was Nextcloud working before?
  1. before: emmc, now from sd-card. i use your image (link from 22.12.2022)
  2. yes, everything was updated on device, now everything is updated on new image
  3. yes, 502 bad gateway when i visit nextcloud with browser
  4. yes - amost, maybe i little problem to display files - there was a failure notice in browser - but on mobile devices everything runs perfect

Ok, can you refresh 502 page few time and send logs right away

ok, done - now there is a new failure message:

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request.
Please contact the server administrator if this error reappears multiple times, please include the technical details below in your report.
More details can be found in the server log.

is there maybe a problem with storage type?:
i activate my storage as “Partitions”, not as “Disks” - i cant even remember what was before on my old image (this image now dont work anymore? my router dont listening this device anymore, so i cant access it anymore …?)

Sorry I cannot really match questions here with support emails (for good reasons :))

Last email for an xu4 shows no disk space left:

/dev/mmcblk1p2  2.9G  2.9G     0 100% /

Did you extend boot disk from Settings - Internal Memory?

That really makes this issue a much higher priority: warn about free disk space before installing apps · Issue #678 · syncloud/platform · GitHub

no, i dont extend - now its done (32GB) - and now?

Retry the operation which led to this error, restoring Nextcloud backup?

now following error message:

Your data directory can be read by other users. Please change the permissions to 0770 so that the directory cannot be viewed by other users.

The easiest fix is to reinstall Nextcloud make sure it works first, then restore backup again.

I even reinstall all apps (Matrix, nextcloud, Users) and load backup again, but it doesn’t work.

Users app Backup also don’t work …

New log is sent to you.

External disk is a little non standard (ext3) did you format yourself?

NAME="/dev/sda1" SIZE="923.5G" TYPE="part" MOUNTPOINT="/opt/disk/external" PARTTYPE="ebd0a0a2-b9e5-4433-87c0-68b6b72699c7" FSTYPE="ext3" MODEL="

Syncloud does ext4 or btrfs.

What about Matrix and Users are they ok?

I would:

  1. remove all apps
  2. deactivate external disk
  3. install nextcloud, check if it is ok
  4. activate external disk, check nextcloud
  5. Restore nextcloud backup, check again.

no i don’t format disk. It’s the same one I use before. It works without problems before

Matrix and users backup also don’t work

Before I backup nextcloud, I tested if it works and it does. After backup, above failure message is coming. I do this without deactivating disk. So should I still test it ?

I tried your sequence - same error message.

When I activate disk: by activate it with switch to “partitions”, no error message and backups are available.
Following error message is coming when I put the switch to “disks”:

“cannot find existing uuid to use”


Ok, let’s leave the disk out for now and not try to activate it as disk as it will need to erase it for “disk” mode.

With no external disk can you create a backup of the fresh nextcloud install and then reatore it?

Restoring Backup from fresh nextcloud installation works!