Memories exiftool problem

Syncloud on Raspberry Pi 4, nextcloud 29/02

Memories - file indexing problem. the following message appears in the settings:

failed to copy exiftool-ocv7crjlh4m6-12.70 binary from /var/snap/nextcloud/747/extra-apps/memories/bin-ext/exiftool-aarch64-glibc to /tmp/exiftool-ocv7crjlh4m6-12.70-b1eff1d8

Next message:

Database triggers not set up; trigger compatibility mode in use.

Can I ask for tips to solve traffic problems?

Looks like our database is below minimum required on nextcloud 29. Nextcloud does not complain on the system status page.
Let me push the upgrade, I will come back to you.

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Should be fixed now, similar topic Nexcloud Apps no permission to install

Thank you. After the update, the problem with exiftool actually went away. However, the second database problem still persists. To be sure, I restarted the server and it didn’t help.

He issued the following commands and the problem disappeared completely
snap run nextcloud.occ maintenance:repair

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