Nextcloud Passwords app

just a warning, the latest passwords nextcloud app completely crashed my Nextcloud instance. may want to steer clear of that update.

I had to use the occ command to disable it and then upgrade it before reenabling it

maybe i’m miss typing it or doing it wrong, can you give me the command?

This is what I did

snap run nextcloud.occ app:disable passwords
snap run nextcloud.occ maintenance:repair
snap run nextcloud.occ upgrade

&& finally for some reason had to manually disable maintenance mode

snap run nextcloud.occ maintenance:mode --off

then to be sure i reenabled via the webgui

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worked like a champ, thanks. i owe you a beer…
ran into a similar issue with he news app, but the error was something different about needing a higher version of php. just disabled it the same way and i’m back online.

thanks again.

Ideally we need to see the error message, maybe the problem comes from the our nextcloud packaging.

i went ahead and tried to re-install ‘news’, but i see this on the nextcloud app store:
Screenshot 2021-07-05 090121

Ok, I guess they are moving aeay from any 32bit architecture which is Odroid H for example. There are not so many cheap Arm64 boards out there. I will add arm64 to start with Raspberry PI.

The pi4 looks interesting as a next step. I’d be curious to see how much of a difference in speed (I am quite happy with my odroid hc1) but would like to stick with what I have for now. I’m assuming that nextcloud will stop supporting 32bit h/w in the near future?

I’m assuming that nextcloud will stop supporting 32bit h/w in the near future?

I do not really know, you may ask them.

I know that RocketChat does not support 32bit arm anymore because of mongo db.

thinking more about the Pi4-64 option. maybe i will go that route when you have something available. is that something anytime soon from you or is that more of a long-term idea?

This should be available soon

sounds good. i’m looking at an Pi-4 model B, I know more RAM is always better, so an 8GB unit with 500GB SSD runs about $150US. think this would work pretty nicely…