Nexcloud Apps no permission to install

hello Boris
we can’t install any app on nextcloud, no permissions on the nextcloud folder
I have this problem on all devices that I have and it is also no permitted on comand line ssl with root

I think Nextcloud v29 brought some minimum requirements for database, while system check page says it is all good.
I am testing database upgrade as this is one of the errors I see as well if I try to install apps like memories.
I will let you know.

hello Boris, we solved in part with command line that we found here Nextcloud after Platform Update System: 1755 lost admin now our Talk is working but we can’t install other apps on nextcloud. we look further. best rudy

Pushed an update with a few fixes, can you update if it not updated and check again?
Also in Nextcloud now when you enable app it enables it silently not reflecting on the web but if you refresh the page it says enabled and app seems to work.

Hello Boris,
Thank you.
Updated, tested and IT WORKS!
best rudy