Matrix Server Error

When you search users looks like you need to enter their names as @[username]:matrix.[domain] where domain is your device domain. So it will be within your device.

Yes - i got it! Thx
Is it sometimes possible to use home server address for identity server?

Could you tell me more what exactly you want to achieve?

… to communicate with other matrix servers and find contacts? (by own identity server)

Or is it not necessary for?

I am new to matrix but as I can see from my install you can search local users if they have logged in at least once (this is when their accounts are created).

Their names are suggested as you type them in search - > people in the web app for example.

Other servers I am not sure yet, have you tried full user name to create a chat with?

This says you do not really need it: GitHub - matrix-org/sydent: Sydent: Reference Matrix Identity Server

Please ask separate questions as separate threads

OK, thx Boris. Yes i deviate a little bit ;D

Thx again for implementing matrix on syncloud. I think this app completes the offer of syncloud apps!