How to change the email associated with my account?

Title. While I’m the one who has the technical know-how to admin Syncloud in our family, my parents are the ones paying for the subscription as the decision to buy the hardware and set up the software was made by the whole family, and is going to be used by the whole family. They’ve expressed they’d prefer for their email to be associated with the account instead of mine, as I originally set it up.

It seems like the email associated with the account is also the one that receives emails that contain information only relevant to an admin, however. Is it possible I could have separate emails for logging in and for receiving admin info, perhaps?

Thanks in advance for any help.

They’ve expressed they’d prefer for their email to be associated with the account instead of mine, as I originally set it up.

Any reason why they want that?

At the moment account allows you to:

  1. Manage subscription (paypal, crypto)
  2. See list of devices/domains
  3. Receive device logs

So you just want to receive log emails to another email?
What about seeing devices or even checking the validity of the subscription, you will not be able to do that if you give them the account.

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I believe the reason they wanted the account was to be able to manage and see the payment info. But we worked it out - it turns out that since paying requires using an email for contact (we used the credit card payment method which requires guest login for PayPal), the receipt was sent to my mom’s email address, and she was happy with that, as I explained to them that the account is needed for various admin things. The account is still in my hands now, the payment will just have the receipt sent to my mom’s email.

However, it would still be really nice to have the ability to change the email associated with the account. I recently switched from a gmail account to a proton account for my email, and if I had signed up with my gmail account, it would’ve been a problem. If implementing a way for users to change their email isn’t in the cards right now, perhaps put something on when a user is logged in telling them to contact Syncloud support if they need to change their account email?

Interesting question but as I understand platforms usually do not allow to change the email probably because it brings more security issues (like losing the access to your account).
I guess the consensus is to let people create new accounts and pass all initial checks.
Then you can reactivate devices under the new account (deleting them under old) and doing the same with subscription.

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What do you mean by “platforms”? Genuine question, sorry if it’s a noob one haha. Most account sites I’ve registered for allow you to change your email.

Edit: I should say, I’m not questioning your decision - I honestly don’t know enough about web security and whatnot to question it - I’m just curious.

Ok, probably you are right, I was thinking about github, aws. Just checked they allow changing the email.
Probably they waited till million users ask for this first, Can you create an issue here please:

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Oh! Looks like there’s already an issue created for it! It’s under [] account settings. I’ll reply to it with my two cents.