DNS Records TXT

Looking to move my domain email to protonmail and it needs a DNS records to verify the domain, is there anyway to do that?

Can you send a link to the instruction about what they want?
There is no automated way, but you can always send a request to support email and we can do it if it is one time thing and think how to automate it.

It seems a few steps are involved to do it

I will probably send an email, though my syncloud server is currently offline until tomorrow

Just to understand why do you prefer cloud protonmail to local syncloud roundcube based mail?

Is the main reason it allows you to send mail from their IP so google mail does not mark it as spam?

I actually haven’t used the roundcube, part of this is cause my main personal email i have with a different site and i still maintain a gmail account for collaboration that i have dont have the choice in.

Recently I ran into an issue away from my syncloud that caused me to think of a backup if internet at home were cut, as i do rely on nextcloud quite daily for many organizing reasons, including notes, tasks, deck etc.

There were two incidents unrelated to syncloud services but issues with my home internet that got me to think if I should have a cloud based option that is not google, so that is in part why i was thinking this as an option. I am not entirely sold on it though

I see, well Syncloud could run in the cloud as well would you like that? but that would be an additional charge to pay for the VM.
Some people actually use Syncloud docker VM in the cloud already.

Hmm i will think this over and probably need to look at some options. For moment we can discontinue this experiment, thanks for looking into it

No problem.

The issue with local mail is that it sends emails from your IP which not only changes but also is not in the verified IP list for your domain, so gmail and other providers will not like it and may even not allow you to send to their users.

For that there was an idea to allow adding sending through another provider. Which in terms of security (not allowing 3rd party to see your emails) is about the same as having cloud email.

Email is actually hard to have complete off-cloud :frowning:

I think spam killed it completely :slight_smile:

Yeah that is what I am also running into, can’t send to my other accounts, gets denied. It becomes almost easier to host the email with the domain provider, in this case gandi.net, but then that adds cost… a bit of a challenge to figure out what is best

I do wonder if we could get a DNS section to settings in custom domain, this would be good for other testing but with email options as I see it, what do you think, would be hard to configure?

You mean you want to see your actual current DNS entries ?

I think at least for mail credentials would be a good idea as an option.