ExpressVpn (vpn client in general) and Syncloud

Hi Boris,
I have just tried OpenVpn in Syncloud and it runs fine but I was (just) looking for a VPN client :wink: . Then I have read this document and I have understood that it operates as a VPN server: you generate an ovpn certificate for other devices to make your Syncloud machine be the “entry point” to the web. I find it very fascinating but I am looking for a VPN client.
So…being that I own a subrscription to ExpressVpn I have installed (dpkg -i) and activated it successfully: I was able to reach different servers, switch it on/off, etc… Obviously the machine immediately becomes unreachable from outside because it enter the Web from a private server instead of my home router.
I have 2 questions:

  1. Can you confirm that any active VPN client on Syncloud will ever prevent it from being reachable from outside and so you will always need to switch the VPN off before leaving home?
  2. After the removal of ExpressVpn (dpkg -r) my Syncloud still remained unreachable from outside also after a reboot so I have restored a recent image to make it run again correctly. What could have been “broken” by this experiment in your opinion?

Thanks a lot

I think you need to ask ExpressVpn these questions, if they say it should work in general we could look at fixing/adding VPN Client.
What is the use case for adding Syncloud server to another network?

The use case consists of going over the web privately especially for Transmission. Do you agree that a Vpn client running on Syncloud would make it impossible to be reached from outside? So, apart from my needs, I have some doubts about the feasibility of the implementation. Anyway, thanks a lot in advance.


I am not very experienced in building complex VPN architectures, but after a quick googling this seems to be possible and is called split tunneling where you can access some resources through VPN while other resources directly, while it is talking about outgoing connections from the client device I guess it means the incoming is also possible (not sure).

Some VPNs with split tunneling include Private Internet Access (PIA), ExpressVPN, and Surfshark.

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